About Ivette

Ivette Hernandez came to the United States as a young mother fleeing domestic violence. State and community colleges, public transportation, quality child care and affordable housing made it possible for Ivette to learn English and earn her GED, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Today, she gives back to the community as a social worker serving low-income families.

For the past seven years, Ivette has worked to support troubled families and protect at-risk children throughout Springfield – tackling the tough, everyday challenges that too often go unnoticed by politicians and the media. She’s not afraid to take the lead on the issues that matter most to our community – from improving local services to raising wages for working families.

Ivette is running for to make sure every family, every child, every person has the same chance at success that she had. For too many in Springfield, the chance at success becomes smaller and smaller every day. Ivette is going to change that by making sure government is working for all us, not just the special interests.



  • Vice President, Voices for the Community
  • Health & Housing Committee, Springfield No One Leaves
  • Executive Committee Member, Jobs with Justice
  • Executive VP, Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council
  • Board Member, Women’s Institute for Leadership Dev.
  • Member Organizer, SEIU Local 509
  • Member, United for Transit Equity
  • Organizer, Community Gardens & Food Justice Initiatives

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