Ivette’s Plan


Safer neighborhoods. Better schools. Quality jobs. Ivette Hernandez has spent years, personally and professionally, working to make Springfield a better place to live, work and raise a family. That’s exactly what she’ll do as our State Representative — because it’s all she’s ever done.

Safer Neighborhoods
For many years, Ivette has helped organize her neighbors to make Springfield a safer place to live. As our representative, she will build on those successes, fighting to increase real community policing, expand after-school programs for teenagers and take a proactive approach to stopping domestic violence.

Better Schools
Ivette understands first-hand the transformational power of quality education. She came to Springfield as a teenage mother with a 9th grade education and limited English, and worked her way through school to become a Social Worker with a Master’s Degree. Access to quality, affordable education and care made all this possible – and Ivette will work to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to improve their lives.

Quality Jobs
Every day, Ivette works with local parents who can’t find steady work or are struggling to make ends meet in low-wage jobs. That’s why she has worked to increase the minimum wage and guarantee earned sick time for all Massachusetts workers. As State Representative, Ivette will lead the fight for quality jobs for all working families.

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