Through her day-to-day work, neighborhood activism and involvement as a parent and community leader, Ivette Hernandez has impacted the lives of thousands of children, working parents and seniors throughout Western Massachusetts. Here’s what just a few of these individuals have to say about Ivette and her accomplishments, in their own words:

Ben Wright, Progressive Massachusetts:

Ivette’s life-long dedication to social and economic justice earned her the support of Progressive Massachusetts. Her personal background and wealth of experience as a parent and advocate are exactly what we need more of on Beacon Hill, and I’m confident Ivette will serve her district and the entire Commonwealth well as State Representative.”

Ross Kiely: 

“Ivette’s passionate commitment to the issues that working families face as well as her background and direct involvement as a steward in her union made the choice clear for us.  Our area has felt the ravages of the economic depression in a very direct way, with increased joblessness, crime, teen pregnancy, foreclosures and addiction.  We need the informed, organic advocacy that Ivette brings.  Her intelligence, tenacity, dedication and understanding of the issues facing her District leave little doubt in our minds that she will be the best choice on September 9th.”

Dan Clifford, UFCW 1459:

“We need to support candidates that will fight for all of the residents of their district, not just business owners and landlords. We are lucky to have a candidate like Ivette in the race, and it is our sincere hope that the citizens of the 10th Hampden District join us in supporting her for State Representative.”



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